Our May yarn is named for Millicent Fawcett, who is considered to have been instrumental in obtaining votes for women in the Representation of the People Act 1918.
Fawcett become interested in the cause at 19, after hearing a speech by the radical MP, John Stuart Mill, who was an early advocate of universal women’s suffrage. She was impressed by Mill’s practical support for women’s rights on the basis of utilitarianism.

Fawcett began her political career aged 22 at the first women’s suffrage meeting. As leader of the NUWSS (National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies) she was a moderate campaigner, distancing herself from the militant activities of suffragettes like the Pankhursts and the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU). She believed their actions were harming women’s chances of gaining the vote as they were alienating the MPs who were debating this topic and souring public attitudes towards the campaign. Despite the publicity given to the WSPU, the NUWSS, one of whose slogans was “Law-Abiding suffragists”) retained most support for the women’s movement. By 1905, Fawcett’s NUWSS had 305 constituent societies and almost fifty thousand members. In 1913 they had 50,000 members compared with the WSPU’s 2,000.

In Fawcett’s book,, Women’s Suffrage: A Short History of a Great Movement, she explains her disaffiliation with the more militant movement:
“I could not support a revolutionary movement, especially as it was ruled autocratically, at first, by a small group of four persons, and latterly by one person only … In 1908, this despotism decreed that the policy of suffering violence, but using none, was to be abandoned. After that, I had no doubt whatever that what was right for me and the NUWSS was to keep strictly to our principle of supporting our movement only by argument, based on common sense and experience and not by personal violence or lawbreaking of any kind.”

A statue of Millicent Fawcett by Gillian Wearing Parliament Square, was unveiled on 24th April 2018. Fawcett’s statue holds a banner quoting from a speech she gave following Emily Davison’s death during the 1913 Epsom Derby:

“Courage calls to courage everywhere”


Just to let you know some of our April Suffragette Sock Yarn is now available to buy as a single skein. This month’s yarn (pictured) is named for Leonora Cohen, who was moved to militant action after Prime Minister Herbert Asquith broke his commitment to votes for women by announcing a manhood suffrage bill. She famously smuggled an iron bar into the Jewel House of the Tower of London and smashed open a glass showcase. Wrapped around the iron bar was a note that said:

“Jewel House, Tower of London. My Protest to the Government for its refusal to Enfranchise Women, but continues to torture women prisoners – Deeds Not Words. Lenora Cohen”

and on the other side:

“Votes for Women. 100 years of Constitutional Petition, Resolutions, Meetings & Processions have Failed.”

We’ve added some new items to our yarn sale also.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading. We wish you happy knitting in the month ahead!

VG March 2018 Newsletter

Just to let you know some of our March Suffragette Sock Yarn is now available to buy as a single skein. This month’s yarn (pictured) is named for Emily Wilding Davison, who lived and died as a militant fighter for the cause of votes for women.

We’ve added some new items to our yarn sale also, and do check out all the lovely Opal sock yarn we recently added.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading. We wish you happy knitting in the month ahead!

VG February 2018 Newsletter

There are a couple of places left in our 2018 Suffragette Sock Yarn Club. Pictured above is our February yarn, which is named for Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, a philanthropist and benefactor of the Women’s Social and Political Union, who “branded” the suffragette movement with the colours purple, white, and green.

Purple for dignity, white for purity, and green for hope.

We also have some Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence yarn available to buy as a single skein.

Also, a wide range of new Opal Sock Yarn!

VG January 2018 Newsletter

New Yarn

In celebration of the centenary of women in the UK (aged 30 and over) gaining the right to vote, for each month in 2018 we will release a hand-dyed yarn named for one of the suffragettes.

This month’s yarn is named after Annie Kenney, who along with Christabel Pankhurst was the first suffragette to be imprisoned, for 7 days, after heckling Sir Edward Grey at a Liberal rally in Manchester on the issue of votes for women.

Our Solemate Hand Dyed Sock Yarn is spun and dyed in the UK. £9.99 for 100g, each sock yarn order includes a printed copy of our Violet Green Sock Knitting Pattern with a full range of sizes.

VG November 2016 Newsletter


Another quick note to say I have just listed a dozen shades of Phoebe, our lovely merino and silk blend 4ply. It’s perfect for sumptuous gloves, amongst other things, so I am offering our 4ply glove knitting pattern for free with every order containing Phoebe.

I’ve also added more knitting patterns since I last wrote to you, including a brand new one hot off the needles, called Skyscraper Gloves (see picture below). There is limited stranding with these two-colour gloves, so they are easy to work, but also so cosy with the additional strands inside.

Finally, I’m sorry our contact form had disappeared for much of the last month. It is back now.

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Skyscraper Gloves
Skyscraper Gloves

VG August 2016 Newsletter

Dear Knitters,

A quick special knitting offer this month, we are offering 10% off everything in our shop to celebrate 10 years of Violet Green. The coupon code for this offer is:


Come and knit yourself a bargain!

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VG July 2016 Newsletter

Dear Knitters,

I have a couple of special offers for you this time. Firstly, our July hand-dyed yarn special offer, our merino sock yarn (Cosima) in a glowing colourway I have called Hebdomeros (see pic below). Secondly, a free ribbed beanie knitting pattern in a full range of sizes. Ribbed beanies are my favourite because you can wear them standing up pixie style, or turned up at the brim for a snug and cosy fit.

I hope you are enjoying your summer knitting as I am. Thanks for reading,


hand dyed sock yarn hebdomeros

VG June 2016 Newsletter

Just our quick note to let you know (i) we have plenty new Opal sock yarn in stock, and (ii) that ourJune special offer is now online: our lovely Cosima merino blend sock yarn, in colours inspired by a recent visit to Exmoor (see pic below).

Thanks for reading, and until next time, happy knitting.

June special offer, Cosima merino sock yarn
June special offer, Cosima merino sock yarn