VG November 2016 Newsletter


Another quick note to say I have just listed a dozen shades of Phoebe, our lovely merino and silk blend 4ply. It’s perfect for sumptuous gloves, amongst other things, so I am offering our 4ply glove knitting pattern for free with every order containing Phoebe.

I’ve also added more knitting patterns since I last wrote to you, including a brand new one hot off the needles, called Skyscraper Gloves (see picture below). There is limited stranding with these two-colour gloves, so they are easy to work, but also so cosy with the additional strands inside.

Finally, I’m sorry our contact form had disappeared for much of the last month. It is back now.

That’s all for now, thank you for reading.

Wishing you happy knitting,


Skyscraper Gloves

Skyscraper Gloves

2016 Blanket Knitting Club

All the instructions for the 2016 blanket knitting club have now been distributed to members, and we already have a completed blanket. Many thanks to the prodigious Rosy who has shared the following photograph of her finished blanket. It looks great Rosy!

... and with the i-cord edging complete

Rosy’s finished blanket

VG August 2016 Newsletter

Dear Knitters,

A quick special knitting offer this month, we are offering 10% off everything in our shop to celebrate 10 years of Violet Green. The coupon code for this offer is:


Come and knit yourself a bargain!

Best wishes,



VG July 2016 Newsletter

Dear Knitters,

I have a couple of special offers for you this time. Firstly, our July hand-dyed yarn special offer, our merino sock yarn (Cosima) in a glowing colourway I have called Hebdomeros (see pic below). Secondly, a free ribbed beanie knitting pattern in a full range of sizes. Ribbed beanies are my favourite because you can wear them standing up pixie style, or turned up at the brim for a snug and cosy fit.

I hope you are enjoying your summer knitting as I am. Thanks for reading,


hand dyed sock yarn hebdomeros

VG June 2016 Newsletter

Just our quick note to let you know (i) we have plenty new Opal sock yarn in stock, and (ii) that ourJune special offer is now online: our lovely Cosima merino blend sock yarn, in colours inspired by a recent visit to Exmoor (see pic below).

Thanks for reading, and until next time, happy knitting.

June special offer, Cosima merino sock yarn

June special offer, Cosima merino sock yarn

VG April 2016 Newsletter

I’m sorry I missed last month, I was a bit preoccupied with dying the last installment for the 2016 Art Nouveau Mystery Blanket Knitting Club, for which our set of 12 colours is now complete, and we’re onto our 4th motif already!

Our special offer this month is Cosima, our merino blend sock yarn, in the Aurora colourway (see pic below).

Thanks for reading, and until next time, happy knitting.

April Hand Dyed Yarn Special Offer

VG February 2016 Newsletter

2016 is an exciting time for Violet Green, being our 10th Anniversary. I started Violet Green 10 years ago about now, as the Twin Earth Knitting Supermarket. The first image I have found from the waybackmachine is April 2006, though I can tell by the logos that we had been going a month or so by then. I still use those Opal Brazil hat and gloves, which are too small by now for the son who picked out the yarn and who I knit them for.

We had yet to become Violet Green, though I think our logo colours were giving us a clue. I’ve loved running Violet Green, and am very grateful to all our customers, some of whom have been involved for as long as I have. Thank you! in April 2006 from April 2006

There’ll be a number of special offers related to VG’s 10th anniversary year. The first is a 10% discount on all VG hand dyed yarn, when you use the code:


Mystery Blanket Club News

We are into our 2nd, and final, dyeing batch now for the 2016 Art Nouveau Mystery Blanket Knitting Club. And we are onto our 2nd motif, also. There are still a few places left if you are thinking of joining us…,

Thanks for reading, and until next time, happy knitting.

10 years to knit gloves!

I started Violet Green nearly 10 years ago. I dyed this yarn, and started knitting these gloves, soon after. Every pattern I wrote then was a herringbone pattern. I love herringbone!

With the lovely cold weather, and my gloves having developed holes, I thought I really would finally work the 2nd glove. It’s a pretty quick knit (ignoring the 10-year gap), and lovely and thick and warm 🙂

VG January 2016 Newsletter

Violet Green Knitting Shop
3rd January 2016


Just a short newsletter this month, with your new yarn special offer, which is Circe, our lovely cashmere blend sock yarn, in Pasiphae colourway (see below). In the spirit of new year sales I’ve also added a few more yarns to our sale section, so do come and take a look at that!

And finally, the first instalment of our 2016 blanket club has been put into the post today. There is one dyed-up place left for the 2016 Art Nouveau Mystery Blanket Knitting Club, all ready to ship, if you want to join us from the get-go! Though we are still catering for more places as demand arises, for now; that will just take a little longer to put into the post to you.

That’s all for now,

Thanks for reading.

And Happy New Year!

January Special Offer, Circe cashmere blend sock yarn in Pasiphae colourway

January Special Offer, Circe cashmere blend sock yarn in Pasiphae colourway

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